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PostPosted: 17-02-2009 23:51
by azure
I know its about not listening to conscious thinking, I'm just discouraged that even if i manage to do that, I'm not getting anything at all from anywhere else..

PostPosted: 17-02-2009 23:59
by frkyjenn
Azure, print the numbers or write them down on a piece of paper. Fold it up and put it away... Where ever you want.

Give it some time and maybe something will come of it.

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 00:04
by Mil79
frkyjenn wrote:My dreams are more than just vivid. I don't dream unless it has some meaning. Most of the time I don't know the meaning until long after I've forgotten about the dream. If that makes any sense.

I think we differ there. My dreams are always vivid. I don't have photographic memory, but when I have to do a quick cram for a test or just want to make sure of something, I can just glance at every page from the book, go to sleep and I will dream about the entire book clearly and can study in my dreams. I've been able to do this since I was in high school.

I mean they are completely clear its very hard to describe. Thats why I'm thinking since I got nothing from the dreams so far, it must not be a method that I can use to solve this level. I'm so use to my dreams being so crazy that nothing in my dreams will make it "different" from any of my other dreams. And whats funny is most of my dreams come true in a week in some way.

I've never been one to just forget about something and say forget it so that in itself is going to be a tough thing lol. I can say it out loud but I'd just be lying. I'm willing to guess a solution and attempt a solution each day until I get this!

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 00:08
by Mehtbh
My dreams are usually just a confused variant of a normal day. I often find myself still confused as to whether or not events from my dreams have taken place. I actually dreamed I solved Nu a few nights back, and it took me an hour after waking up to realize I hadn't solved it.

Rubbish that was :P

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 00:15
by azure
Mehtbh wrote:My dreams are usually just a confused variant of a normal day. I often find myself still confused as to whether or not events from my dreams have taken place.

yeah! i never know if I'm dreaming or not and if something good happens in my dream I'm always so bummed out when I wake up and realize it didn't actually happen

but I think this whole dreaming discussion is kind of off-topic since this is supposed to be accomplished while awake, no offense to jenn of course

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 00:21
by DavidM
My dreams have also proven to be utter nonesense, always.
No idea what makes the difference between people whose dreams make sense and those who do, or even those who dream the future or so.

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 00:33
by frkyjenn
no offense, Azure.

I totally understand how people don't understand it. I don't even understand it. It's something I've been able to do since I was a small child. But to bring it up to people (especially doctors) they think I'm crazy.

so I just choose to keep most of it to myself. Makes life easier. ;)

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 00:37
by azure
I definitely don't think you're crazy, cuz I'm trying to be just as crazy :D

I'm jealous if anything lol

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 00:40
by frkyjenn
you'll get it.. :)

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 01:17
by Mehtbh

I'll.. be.. damned...

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 01:20
by DavidM
mehtbh got it solved! \o/ hurray!

When I showed him the solution-picture:
<Mehtbh> What I got was literally a much sharper much detailed version of a badly scribbled picture in my mind

You might want to give some tips to those stuck ones here?

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 02:03
by Mehtbh
I honestly wouldn't know what to tell them. I wish I could give them more help than I can.

Try and get a big mess of emotions and shapes together first. Don't be in a rush to get a 'thing'. If you have a line its a line. Don't then instinctively connect it to another line to make a shape or object. I had all sorts of wrong answers coming out of this.

Collect the impressions, and analyse it afterwards. You're not just going to 'see' an object or place or whatever. (At least not the way I did it) But you should eventually have a messy picture in your head. Once you do, and can't add anything to it, just think "what is it? what does it look like?" and you're there.

It would seem :S

Disclaimer: All above could be wrong. I'm still not sure how I did this.

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 02:05
by DavidM
But you gave me the one right word that it needs to solve...where did that come from all of a sudden?

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 02:05
by frkyjenn
Welcome to the club Mehtbh.

David shared your email/picture/scribbles with me. I'm very impressed. :)

PostPosted: 18-02-2009 02:14
by Mehtbh
DavidM wrote:But you gave me the one right word that it needs to solve...where did that come from all of a sudden?

From interpreting the scribbles as if it were a picture of 'something'

At first i just got pieces, when i'd finished it I got colours that filled in the spaces. And with that there were very few things it could be. Two things infact.

The one that seemed more obvious was the winner, the second just kind of a look-alike.