notpr0n Featured in London Lite 'Timew@ster' column!

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notpr0n Featured in London Lite 'Timew@ster' column!

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Hi all, been a long time since i last came here :p

Just to let you know, I was riding home on the tube through London today reading my free newspaper when I spotted notpr0n in the daily 'TimeW@sters' column.

It reads:
DON'T attempt this unless you have a lot of time to waste. This puzzle game is fiendishly difficult and will keep you guessing for months if you can resist googling spoilers to help you through.
Now might be a good time to render all those tips useless :devil:

I held on to the paper, and i'll see if i can grab a photo when the lighting is better, but all the same, congrats on the media coverage :D
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