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Who wants to join me on a quest through the other riddles?

Posted: 27-07-2009 23:09
by Nicky
If notpron has really gone then all of us riddlers are going to be left with nothing to do. Especially if this forum is closing down too.

I've copied out the list of other riddles that are still working and I'm going to work my way through them one by one. If anyone wants to join me on this quest PM me and we'll find some way to work together on them :)

Posted: 28-07-2009 02:36
by azure
i might be interested but i don't know how much free time i'll have so i probably won't be able to keep up with you..

especially since Nu is still my top priority at the moment!

Posted: 28-07-2009 06:32
by Nicky
You can't play Nu while notpron is offline :P

I don't have that much free time either lol. It doesn't matter about keeping up either as anyone who joins me will probably live in a different time zone and so will be working at different times lol

But it'd be fun to work around that lol

Posted: 29-07-2009 07:14
by azure
well.. I don't know how much you've heard about Nu but we are supposed to be able to play it without being at at all.. just need email :D

Posted: 29-07-2009 08:14
by Nicky
lol I'd guessed that much but I have to get to nu first :)