MIST '10

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MIST '10

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MIST is back !!!
The Student Chapter of IEEE, DTU feels immense pleasure and joy to inform you all that MIST, the Online Code breaking contest is back with a bang as a part of Troika '10
For those who came in late, here is a brief description of what MIST is all about:
* Mist is an online code-breaking/treasure hunt game which is going to be launched as a part of TROIKA 10, the annual technical fest of Delhi Technological University.
* To participate, you DO NOT require any technical knowledge as a prequisite, neither are you expected to have a encyclopedia-like general knowledge. All that you require is a good observation and a wee bit of common sense.
* Its a race wherein the quickest and smartest of all wins.
* The aim of the event is to get ahead clearing the MIST which gets denser and denser as you go further and further.
* The weapons in your armor to clear the MIST would be your observation and resourcefulness that would include all the information given on the screen which includes all the pictures & text on screen, the page URL, the page title and at times, some hints given on the source page. The hints for each level will also be posted on the forum from time to time.
* In each level you have infinite attempts. For your each attempt, until you enter the correct answer (which would usually be a single word or at max a phrase), you will be redirected to your current level.
* You may at times need to learn new skills or research some information to get ahead, but the event is not a GK quiz and no trivial knowledge would be expected from the participants.

The main contest will start on Monday, 1st February at 6 PM (18:00) and the warm up rounds have already been started!. The warm up rounds basically comprise of certain levels of previous year MIST levels so as to give a fair enough idea of what MIST is all about. Apart from the warm up rounds, you can also download the tutorials which include all the last year MIST levels in PDF format from the link:

For any queries feel free to contact the undersigned:

Ishan Bose: 919810882425
Anirvana Mishra: 919278256746
Mukesh Gupta: 919968383671

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Re: MIST '10

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Interesting riddle... I'll give it a try.
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