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Bgsound addons

Posted: 09-08-2013 09:54
by Robin_Jadoul
I've built some addons to play the bgsound tags in firefox and chrome as well. So you don't have to use IE.
Maybe someone can update the FAQ entry on sound with this?

Firefox: ... nd-player/

Re: Bgsound addons

Posted: 09-08-2013 14:53
by Blackmatrix
Worked great, for Chrome on Mac as well!

Many thanks mate! :D

Re: Bgsound addons

Posted: 26-08-2013 23:13
by megags
Do they work for Opera? :)

Re: Bgsound addons

Posted: 27-08-2013 09:09
by Robin_Jadoul
The chrome plugin should normally work for Opera 15+.

Btw: An update has already arrived for firefox, chrome is still coming. In the updated version, you can stop the music by pressing escape and autoupdating will be enabled for chrome.