Mind accuracy and improvement

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Mind accuracy and improvement

Postby always_thinking » 13-01-2018 02:39

After be envolved by Notpron, did you have noticed some improvement and accuracy in daily activities where need some guessing or wandering? Some perceived enhancement in cognition and questions resolution? In my math and biology homework I have more resilience and trust more in myself to find out the answer and I not fear any new subject to learn the basics in clasroom and after teach my self the whole remainder.
I'm new in notpron and very interesting to know how this game shaped your way to do and think about the things. Also very interested to know what abilities you are proud to have learned through solving theses riddles (no attempt to get spoilers here). I've learned so far to manipulate audios, images, morse code and to avoid so complicated reasoning and try to think easily. I've used hypnagogia to figure out the answers, it helped me a little, but considerably. So, I think that would be enriching we say how notpron have shaped us and what we've learned.

A trustworthy link if you wanna know more about hypnagogia
https://beta.artofmanliness.com/2015/02 ... gogic-nap/
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