Who's still around?

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Re: Who's still around?

Post by mrenigma » 17-06-2020 22:19

Hi everyone! Great to see new players.

I recently started playing again after a long pause (been doing this on and off for years). After a few hours I finally (finally!) solved -32. Now I'm on -34, but first I've taken the time to re-solve some of the older levels and update my notes, since many of the solutions were changed due to cheaters.

I hope to finish this one day... At this point it's kind of a bucket-list thing XD

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Re: Who's still around?

Post by Hoops314 » 28-07-2020 19:08

Hey All,

Notpron has been a lockdown obsession. Slowly working through the minus levels, good luck to all. -41

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Re: Who's still around?

Post by sharonoro » 30-07-2020 10:08

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