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Re: Who's still around?

Posted: 17-06-2020 22:19
by mrenigma
Hi everyone! Great to see new players.

I recently started playing again after a long pause (been doing this on and off for years). After a few hours I finally (finally!) solved -32. Now I'm on -34, but first I've taken the time to re-solve some of the older levels and update my notes, since many of the solutions were changed due to cheaters.

I hope to finish this one day... At this point it's kind of a bucket-list thing XD

Re: Who's still around?

Posted: 28-07-2020 19:08
by Hoops314
Hey All,

Notpron has been a lockdown obsession. Slowly working through the minus levels, good luck to all. -41

Re: Who's still around?

Posted: 23-10-2020 17:53
by RichGirlOnLSD
First encountered Notpron while studying game theory in university, sometime in or before 2011. Checked it out, found it interesting, and casually got to about level 15 (over the span of a weekend) then promptly forgot all about it. Earlier this week someone mentioned it in one of the puzzle solving groups I'm in, so I figured I'd take another (and probably more serious) shot at solving it.

I've been surprised by how well Notpron still holds up despite how many technological changes to HTTP and HTML standards. Though I do think Notpron would benefit from upgrading to HTTPS and free SSL cert options do exist in 2020.

Anyway! I Agree with @Hoops314 that it's a perfect obsession for lockdown :D