Solving notpr0n on different machines

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Solving notpr0n on different machines

Post by kittysoman2013 »

Hey there,

is it a Problem if I solve notpr0n on different PC's with not the same IP?
I am not thinking that I could possibly ever count myself to the ones who solve it completely - but you'll never know^^

Given all the "security aspects" of the game (cheat detection etc.) is it possible to solve it "legit" with not only being on my home PC?
E.g. I solved a level (ok... only level 12 so far^^) yesterday on a PC which is not at my home - with a completely different IP -> but I was smart enough to note the UN and PW for the next stage and continued at home with those - "skipping" a level at home (but done somewhere else).

Will this lead to some kind of problem?

Best wishes from Austria - what a great game this is :)

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Re: Solving notpr0n on different machines

Post by amh »

This will not cause a problem at this stage, but much later in the game you will get a unique username and password which will be linked to one IP. It might be a problem then.
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