Thank you to mods and creators!

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Thank you to mods and creators!

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I just wanted to send along my appreciation for keeping this game going!

I first came across notpron in 2005. At the time I made it to level 16, got stuck, and moved on with my life. Now, 15 years later I was reminded of it and decided to come back. To my surprise the game is largely unchanged! I noticed the new un/pw updates (yes, I still have my notes from 15 years ago), but otherwise the game is the same and I'm happy to say that I finally did pass level 16! I'm working on level 21 now and I'm still enjoying the game. Maybe it'll take me another 15 years, but I do hope to reach the end some day. Thank you so much for keeping this gem on the internet. Much appreciated!
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Re: Thank you to mods and creators!

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My pleasure, welcome back and good luck!
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