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Unable to continue

Posted: 14-08-2020 18:10
by kit4096
So, I was solving level -32 with a friend and managed to find the answer. Thing is, after we got to level -33 it told us that 'God kills a kitten everytime you cheat. Stop killing kittens please' and that we should message DavidM. I did it and iirc Jay answered me asking me for the level link, but didnt answer me after I sent it, so I was wondering if any mods could help me here? Thanks!

Re: Unable to continue

Posted: 14-08-2020 23:02
by amh
If you see that message, you have hit a cheat trap that David set up years ago. If you continue to use solutions from the Internet, this will happen again.
You will now need to contact Jay, only he can help.