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Posted: 12-03-2005 00:19
by theCrusifix
downloaded the mp3 and investigated it?

Posted: 01-03-2009 20:56
by sphinx4
is there a free program that can help with this? my ears aren't so good with this level of... investigating

Posted: 31-05-2009 12:06
by gazokb
You most likely have one on your computer already.

Posted: 24-06-2009 13:13
by brotherkain
So I'm pretty sure I know the program you speak of. However, being on Vista, I don't have this program in its original form. Are there any other suggestions?

Posted: 24-06-2009 16:58
by frkyjenn

Posted: 28-06-2009 22:01
by jackridge
so i'm stuck. but I often post and then immediately figure it out, but still, anything at all would would be helpful

Posted: 10-07-2009 19:23
by FeiLee
I stop playing some time now (time issues :P)... but I'm pretty sure that I'm close... anyone knows about music chords that can help me?

Posted: 10-07-2009 19:51
by frkyjenn

Re: Level 47

Posted: 27-10-2009 02:57
by paulyb01
Okay, this one was a tricky one for me, and I'm into music. Mods, feel free to edit, trying no to spoil the eggs.


Then you may need to trial and error for leftovers, but if you used google, you should know where to go after that.

Re: Level 47

Posted: 07-02-2010 22:15
by cukituh
ok im stuck in here...

ive got the file.. but dont know wht to do with it...

do i need to have any knowledge in music and chords??

Re: Level 47

Posted: 15-04-2010 11:36
by Ethriae
Hi i'm now stuck in this level for three days. I have no clue what to do. I've been listening intensely to certain parts of the level but i'm not very musically adept.
Can anyone give me a hint, maybe via pm?
please please pretty please

edit 19 hours later: Beat it.. by accident.

Re: Level 47

Posted: 12-05-2010 21:58
by glumetzul
Event after "investigating" it sounds like that episode of Bugs Bunny when Yosemite Sam was hitting his head against a musical keyboard. I'm missing something here.

Re: Level 47

Posted: 12-05-2010 22:00
by frkyjenn
sounds like you didn't investigate properly

Re: Level 47

Posted: 12-05-2010 22:27
by glumetzul
I was just joking. Of course I got to what sounds like musical notes and I even tried converting them somehow alphanumeric but with no results so far :P

Will keep on trying and I'm sure that I will slap myself when I'll find out just how "simple" the solution was :))

Also it doesn't help the fact that I don't know which part of the url should I edit (the folder name or the index.htm filme name).

Re: Level 47

Posted: 20-06-2010 20:32
by okimeow
So I investigated the tune, and thought I got the "?", but now it tells me I need an "addition," and I'm still not really sure what that means after googling it... Can anyone help me out?