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Hint 1

Posted: 10-03-2005 21:32
by Kisa
Read the title. How do these people communicate?

Hint 2

Posted: 10-03-2005 21:32
by Kisa
Anything unusual in the source? What can it mean?

Hint 3

Maths? With what?

Posted: 07-06-2009 15:57
by Kronex
I am still lost - I know what the sign means but that's as far as i understand this riddle :P

Posted: 08-06-2009 13:02
by champi
Same for me...
I'm stuck at finding the "maths thing"

Posted: 08-06-2009 19:40
by champi
OK got it :)

Posted: 08-06-2009 21:27
by Kronex
Damn! Im still stuck! :P

Posted: 08-06-2009 22:39
by Kronex
okay - got a little further! - but stuck again :D
That word is alien to me :P

mc stuck

Posted: 11-06-2009 01:02
by da_riddla
i have figured out the meaning of the picture, however cannot comprehend the meaning of "maths" please help me for i have been stuck on this level for 6 years of my life, i have worked on it for 5 hours everyday!

Posted: 11-06-2009 01:10
by frkyjenn
maths requires numbers.. correct?

Posted: 11-06-2009 02:02
by da_riddla
correct, the only numbers are lvl 74 and <semi spoiler removed> i have done every mathematical sequence using those numbers and nothing works!:noob:

Posted: 11-06-2009 02:12
by da_riddla
<spoilers removed>

level 74.. stuck..

Posted: 25-06-2009 10:48
by joy1
hi there

We know the pic's meaning... we found some numbers.. don't know if we're on the right track... and how to proceed...

Found many eggs though... :) , but we still can't overcome the math thing...

Help!! :rolleyes:


no response.. but we finally got it.... :)
small tip, don't go looking for complicated maths and keep looking for the numbers... :)

Re: Level 74

Posted: 15-03-2010 00:22
by Arancaytar
I only get as far as "keep going"... trying to find more, but only got "is that all you can come up with?"

The numbers part really has me stumped. I can't imagine what that four-digit number signifies.

Edit: Okay, now I know that the gesture can mean a number as well, but this hasn't helped either.

Re: Level 74

Posted: 04-04-2010 23:46
by Arancaytar
Two weeks later, still stuck... there's some number I'm missing.

Re: Level 74

Posted: 16-02-2015 18:49
by Caradhruin
Ok, I'm absolutely clueless this time. Don't know where to start - I know (or better said, I think I know) the meaning of the picture, got at least 4 eggs, but can't go any further. One of the meanings of the picture says to keep going, the other one (the one I think is important) doesn't lead me anywhere. And I've had no luck so far, trying to extract anything useful from the "strange thing" in the hint 2. Any help would be much appreciated!