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level 1

Posted: 06-12-2004 23:59
by PHiLø
level one. im really stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gets out the sarcastic face*

Posted: 07-12-2004 03:37
by Mumscake

Posted: 07-12-2004 10:27
by titan421

Posted: 07-12-2004 15:03
by siopaomaster

Posted: 07-12-2004 17:43
by Loise
i'll give you the best hint -
leave this game. it's not for you.
or click on the door.

Posted: 07-12-2004 22:46
by toohardtopass
:ban: :ban: :ban: :ban: :ban: :ban: :ban:

Posted: 09-12-2004 16:33
by goddly0

Posted: 11-12-2004 04:29
by aribunnygirl2000
click on what you use to open the door. It's been blurred, so you can tell it from the rest of the door.

Posted: 30-12-2004 18:49
by killersonic
slit your wrists 5 times, swear your legiance to satan, and masturbate with your dad. Or just click that blur.

Posted: 23-01-2005 05:32
by Suicide_forest
Ugh...that's the hardest level in the whole game. I spent 17 straight hours working on it before I finally cracked it...

Posted: 06-02-2005 00:46
by Teal
Yes this is a hard one...
Ok... imagine a door in your head...
You are standing in front of it in awe and wonder...
You visualize the door in a 90 degree motion....
You imagine how you could manipulate that motion...
How can you do it?

Think really hard.

And if you still can't do it... then you are a moron.

Posted: 06-02-2005 03:03
by junimond_

Posted: 11-02-2005 01:20
by Mr.rocker!
Level one has got to be the easiest level ever!!! If you can't get level one you should leave the game because the next levels are going to be impossible for you!

Posted: 22-02-2005 00:51
by Oli Jay
what is this 'door' everyone is talking about?

Posted: 22-02-2005 03:00
by DavidM
It's simple. When you brighten the pic you get a number code. It's ascii. Now translate it to hex. Multiply all numbers by 1337, convert it to binary and divide the result by 666. The number you get is exactly the amount of colors, available in the jpg. Increase the speed of the background music, hear the deads talk....and finally notice that this isn't going anywhere!