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level -7

Posted: 05-02-2005 13:04
by junimond_
here we go!

Posted: 14-10-2007 14:10
by belenpar
We made something like this before?

Posted: 14-10-2007 14:41
by belenpar
Forget it. Done

Posted: 19-02-2008 07:36
by cristi.falcas
It's curious, but I can only do this on a big monitor. I keep trying on my 14'' laptop and nothing. On my 22'' monitor was rather quick.

Posted: 19-02-2008 13:57
by Kisa
You can also do it on a small monitor, just requires a bit more "adjusting" ...

Posted: 07-03-2008 13:51
by zowiee
Does the title have anything to do with what we are supposed to "adjust"?

Edit: NVM. I just got it. Cool

Posted: 25-03-2008 18:31
by peiaemanuel
Playing levels like -5 and -7 simply makes you love this game :)

Posted: 27-05-2008 18:31
by gamemastertips
Okay, got three letters... tryed typing them in... and no avail. What now?

Posted: 27-05-2008 18:42
by frkyjenn
there are more letters..

Posted: 27-05-2008 18:43
by gamemastertips
do u mean the scribbles at the top and bottom?

Posted: 27-05-2008 18:43
by frkyjenn
you find all the letters in the same way.. if you found three you should clearly see the others..

Posted: 27-05-2008 19:03
by gamemastertips
Okay, In the way I "arranged" it, I see a scribble, 3 letters, and another scribble. What I'm asking, is that are the scirbbles letters too? And also, am I even looking at it right?

Posted: 27-05-2008 19:07
by frkyjenn
No need to "arrange" anything..

If you "adjust" correctly you will see the letters very clearly.
Sounds like you are doing something wrong.

Posted: 27-05-2008 19:08
by gamemastertips
Ok I really didn't arrange it. I mean "adjust"... I was just writing 2 fast. I did adjust it, and I see very clearly exactly what I described above. VERY clearly, but only 3 letters.

Posted: 27-05-2008 19:16
by frkyjenn
what three letters do you have? (don't post that here.. send me a pm)