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Posted: 22-02-2008 11:53
by Kisa
Well ... one of those numbers was the old answer - and trying that one may render you unable to continue riddling later, because only cheaters know the old number.

Posted: 22-02-2008 11:59
by cristi.falcas

Posted: 22-02-2008 12:05
by Kisa
And why would "writing" numbers be different? That is nothing impossible for that unnamed person's script either.

Posted: 22-02-2008 12:41
by cristi.falcas
He could be deterred by the long time this would take (for onehundredsixtyfour it will be between 25! and 26! possibilities i think).

Posted: 28-02-2008 15:41
by Ryoga
Is it still possible to msg someone the numbers? I've got 40 numbers now and I'm not sure if I'm going at this the right way.

edit: 42 now, I don't know if that's better or worse

Posted: 28-02-2008 16:04
by Ryoga
thanks! I can't believe I missed that one :)

Posted: 02-04-2008 11:27
by peiaemanuel
Nice level, but i somehow miscalculated the sum and wrote a number that logged me as cheater :( before getting the correct one.
Actually i calculated again and now my sum it's still over with 2... weird.

Posted: 02-04-2008 13:57
by Kisa
Don't try to add imaginary zeroes ...

Posted: 02-04-2008 17:12
by peiaemanuel
Well, i got it after all, but it's easy to get another close number to the correct one by mistake without cheating for an old number..

Posted: 31-05-2008 15:51
by gamemastertips
Do I need to use the same technique here as in lv -5 to get some of the numbers?

Posted: 31-05-2008 20:15
by frkyjenn
no, all numbers are clearly written

Posted: 31-05-2008 20:38
by gamemastertips
EDIT: again... nvm I got 41 nums. Might pm a mod to check mine if I fail at getting anything.

Posted: 25-06-2008 01:05
by zedenit
I need some help on this one, been stuck for a while. Can I pm anyone my numbers and have them looked at?

Posted: 25-06-2008 01:08
by frkyjenn
you can pm me

Posted: 20-07-2008 23:21
by paswashere
Kisa, I've sent you a PM with my 39 numbers (just two left xD)