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Posted: 19-09-2008 09:37
by 1651694
Kisa, i've sent you a PM with my 41(?) numbers. added them up but didn't work

Posted: 19-11-2008 07:25
Kisa, you still accepting PMs for this level?

I'll probably need some help. I've tried several methods (maybe methods isn't the best word here, interpretations maybe?) for getting what I need, with varying success.

Anyway, I'll try a few more things, I just got here, but it already feels like I'm just going in circles.

Posted: 19-11-2008 21:16
by frkyjenn
If Kisa isn't around you can pm me.

Posted: 19-11-2008 21:53
frkyjenn wrote: If Kisa isn't around you can pm me.

haha, OK. I'll work on it a bit more before I come begging for help though :P

Posted: 13-03-2009 01:51
by Pestario
Can I send frkyjenn or Kisa a PM about this level? Went from -6 to -15 today and can't seem to figure this one out. So who do I PM my numbers to get em looked at? Thanks :).

Posted: 13-03-2009 04:35
by frkyjenn
you can pm me

Posted: 13-03-2009 21:35
by Pestario
Thanks frkyjenn, I found 40 now. 1 more to go, but where... hmm

-15 is really awesome!

EDIT: Wow I so overlooked it :lol;, got it :D. On to -16 now. \o/

Posted: 14-06-2009 02:42
by Opequon
I've done this 7 different ways... can someone let me know if I have the right idea about some things?

EDIT: Got it! Thanks to frkyjen and brain.exe!

Posted: 14-06-2009 02:44
by frkyjenn

Re: Level MINUS 15

Posted: 23-09-2009 22:13
by foxyzen
Omg, I hate this level.. been stuck for four months, longest of any level. Thanks for the help frkyjenn, but im no where closer... Special hate to all of you who complain of having 40 numbers... I keep finding too many

Re: Level MINUS 15

Posted: 14-10-2009 15:07
by Cubbie
Since the offer by Kisa is several years old I'll ask here first.. anyone still here who can have a look at the numbers I got. I actually have 41 that make sense (to me ;), but it's not working...

Re: Level MINUS 15

Posted: 18-10-2009 23:13
by The_Un4given
HmH...I was said I was close..and I brute forced the end...and it worked :D

Re: Level MINUS 15

Posted: 14-11-2009 20:27
by Magwado
anyone here who i can pm with my numbers?

edit: solved.... (just had one wrong number..)

Re: Level MINUS 15

Posted: 30-12-2009 11:51
by Karonte82
ok starting this level yesterday 17:11 , ended at 11:40 of today, whit sleep time obviously, great level, good visual and brain challenge, remember maths is not an opinion ;)

Re: Level MINUS 15

Posted: 25-01-2010 01:00
by foxyzen
Yes! Many many months and I got it. One simple number I kept using was the problem.. ah such pain. Good riddle, but oh so overwhelming at the start with no real direction. Now to keep trudging onward. I'm so far behind :( the riddles were released so long ago ...but prehaps I'm farther than most at this point.