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Level -15 (minus 15)

Posted: 15-02-2005 20:49
by Kisa
It's up!

And so far, I have no idea ...

Posted: 09-03-2005 15:46
by Kisa
OK, just for this level:

Anyone who wants his/her numbers checked may PM me if he/she wants.

Posted: 26-09-2007 15:24
by strube98
evil so evil this is alot of work!!

Posted: 02-10-2007 12:17
by Gestahl
I have been stuck on this for som time now, and would like clarification on some things:

41 different numbers: Different as in unique? 41 unique numbers? Or just 41 numbers all in all, even if some are duplicates?

Are there numbers in "other languages" and not just 1, 2, 3 etc?

If there are spoilers of any kind then by all means delete them, but try to answer my questions anyway, even if in a cryptic way.


Posted: 02-10-2007 16:33
by frkyjenn
Yes, 41 numbers. Duplicates only if they show in duplication.

Posted: 07-10-2007 19:10
by Gestahl
I still can't get past this. I need something else to go on. Other languages? Image manipulation? No matter how I count, i either get more than, or less than, 41 numbers. And when I get 41 it's in some odd way that is not consistent at all.

A little push i some direction, please?

Posted: 07-10-2007 22:01
by frkyjenn
no other languages, no image manipulation. Everything that needs to be found can be clearly seen.

You can pm me with your list of numbers and I can check them over for you.

Posted: 12-10-2007 16:15
by Gestahl
Ok, I'm about ready to give up here. After intense PMing with frkyjenn here, I figured I would finally solve this madness so I could move on, but no. Nothing works! Nothing! I've tried any and all combinations of numbers, numerals and whatnot in the picture but nothing.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm beginning to think there's something wrong here. :hmmmz:

Posted: 12-10-2007 16:21
by frkyjenn
lol.. nothing wrong with you. This level took me about a month to do and even then I couldn't do it alone. My son had to help me.

So.. PM me a full list of just your numbers (no need to explain how you found them) and I'll see what I can do to help you.

Posted: 12-10-2007 17:47
by Gestahl
Yes! Got it. Finally!!


Posted: 12-10-2007 18:18
by frkyjenn


Posted: 24-12-2007 09:56
by nooodl
Argh! A lot of work here... getting only 40 of them!
Can I PM someone my list to have it checked? :)

EDIT: Ugh, just realised there's a google bar. Is it required just for looking up things about "special"* numbers?

(*I'm trying to avoid spoilers)

Posted: 25-12-2007 15:27
by Kisa
Well, googling might help you to identify all numbers of some type ...

Posted: 26-12-2007 19:14
by nooodl
Ugh, this is so hard, it's just too open, because there's more than one way to get 41 numbers I guess...

I think I'm still stuck at 40, and even if I'd want to add a new range of numbers, it's over 41!

Also, as asked above, can I pm anyone my list of numbers?

Posted: 27-12-2007 15:58
by Kisa
Well, as I said above ... (post #2 of this thread)