Level MINUS 25

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Level MINUS 25

Post by DavidM »


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Post by theCrusifix »

mr big pen0r got this one going and now i'm attempting to solve!
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Post by 1651694 »

do the two problems share letter values?

edit:nevermind i solved it ^^
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Post by Ukamoc »

How likely would it be for me to randomly click and solve it? :D
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Post by azure »

1 in 529,200 I believe, good luck with that strategy!
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Post by Sina.Giant »

we need math, right?
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Post by frkyjenn »

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Re: Level MINUS 25

Post by Lindstream »

All of these years of meaningless equations has finally paid of.. I felt supersmart when I solved this one! :D
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Re: Level MINUS 25

Post by Karonte82 »

this is nice level, one hint make it easy :P
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Re: Level MINUS 25

Post by Ticosing »

Really liked this level!
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Re: Level MINUS 25

Post by Napfkuchen »

AWESOME! :D ... best level ever!!!! Finally some real maths ...
More Maths plssss!!!

Great job ... :D:D:D
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Re: Level MINUS 25

Post by asportking »

Any help on this one at all? I'm probably supposed to find a relationship between the words, but I really have no idea how to go about doing that.

edit: I noticed something in the picture that I didn't see before. Still don't really know where to go with it.
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Re: Level MINUS 25

Post by Lintu »

This level was the best in whole riddle!

I wonder if there is a riddle totally based on maths on most levels, that'd be fun to play :D
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Re: Level MINUS 25

Post by amh »

This one is pretty straightforward, it will take a lot longer if you overlook something or over think
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Re: Level MINUS 25

Post by IICatzII »

Can anyone tell me if I'm on the right track?
Somehow, I've managed to be stuck on this level for over 2 months + a one year break...
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