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Posted: 13-05-2005 14:36
by c
I have no idea for it.....

Posted: 30-05-2005 08:52
by subboth
Very easy, especially after -31 and -32....

On to -34

Posted: 07-06-2005 20:09
by puckoberon

I was thinking much too difficult and not paying attention


Posted: 18-08-2005 13:50
by X-Trace
this one was fair :-) Too much guessing parts in the last levels for me

Posted: 18-08-2005 18:02
by elvisyo
A notpr0n rule: Obviously you are... :)

Posted: 18-08-2005 18:06
by Princeton
Well sometimes I have all the available data but am unable to combine them in a logical manner that would lead to a workable solution.

Posted: 18-08-2005 18:11
by elvisyo
Princeton, just relax, take a deep breath, drink some water and get back to the riddle.
This one is too easy for a veteran proner.

notpr0n rule #2: Don't look for hints at the forums or chats, it will only slow you down.

Posted: 13-01-2006 02:02
by MrGraves
heehee, yay! fun (:

Posted: 22-02-2006 09:26
by Alena
Finally an easy level.
But unfortunately I haven't expected to reach -34 so fast...

Posted: 13-03-2006 17:27
by notproner
theres a pass word box? where!!!

wat code do we use?

Posted: 13-03-2006 17:28
by Kisa
Find it :D
But I guess you're in the wrong thread, I guess you want the Level 33 thread, not the level MINUS 33 thread ;)

Posted: 13-03-2006 17:31
by notproner
no, i meant MINUS 33

its too hard........ :'( but easy compared to lvl -31 and -32.

Posted: 13-03-2006 17:37
by frkyjenn
You were on level 15 six days ago..
How'd you get to -33 so fast?

Posted: 13-03-2006 17:37
by Kisa
You're kidding, eh? You asked for help in level 15 only 5 days ago, do you really want to tell me you solved almost 100 levels in only 5 days?!

edit: Hi Jenn :D

Posted: 13-03-2006 17:40
by frkyjenn
Great minds think alike ;)