Level MINUS 34

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Post by jooly » 06-05-2005 19:49

Crap! I've got a new computer and I seem to have lost the CD I had photoshop and Office on!:mad:

Anyone still on -34 want to share brains?

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Post by youlow1 » 07-05-2005 17:51

im sooo close to catching up and now this :(
i must persevere

anyone trust me enough to give me the slightest of hints??

EDIT: didnt think so lol
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Post by jooly » 07-05-2005 18:25


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Post by ulf_h » 13-05-2005 19:57

omg! I've been stuck on this level for almost a month now! (well I've been on a vacation also, so I didn't think about all the time...)

Is there someone that I can pm for a hint?::Pfffff::

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Post by ulf_h » 13-05-2005 21:35

::Pfffff:: can I pm someone what I got?

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At last!

Post by ulf_h » 15-05-2005 13:08

Got it! :D
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Post by LONE.SC » 11-06-2005 13:18


Since 4.45 this morning.

Don´t have a clue what to do with this.

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Post by Kisa » 11-06-2005 13:23

Maybe you should try to get some sleep instead of searching clues, and then come back and get it :D

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Post by puckoberon » 17-06-2005 08:55

BTW, big thanks to juni, ect and dek! :)


Post by junimond_ » 17-06-2005 10:07

grats puck \o/

no need to say thanks - it was ur work :)

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Post by chulen » 18-06-2005 15:38

GOT IT!! w00t!!

i wouldnt have gotten it by myself, though,
thanks a lot to juni, springer and of course frkyjenn

:D :D :D :D

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Post by BunnyS » 10-07-2005 14:17

The time has come ! I have wacthed many many people get to this level and go crazy ! infact.....I dont think anyone who has passed this level is still sane!!!!

So Im going to get comfy .....I have a feeling this might take some time!!!! and hopefully in about 3 weeks I will come back and gloat about being on level -35 ! :D

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Post by Nicky » 10-07-2005 19:16

I wasn't sane before i reached this level :D

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Post by blue23 » 06-09-2005 23:47

Got it! Thanks to frkyjenn for pushing me in the right direction.

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Post by frkyjenn » 06-09-2005 23:51

You are welcome. But I really didn't push you hard. You knew what you were looking for.. you were just thinking to hard (like everyone else did on this level. ;) )

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