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Level MINUS 37

Posted: 16-04-2005 01:58
by rioting
:) another one is up

Posted: 16-04-2005 03:11
by veryhardgame
Looks hard

Posted: 16-04-2005 03:14
by Enia
That's the best timing for finding a new riddle is up and running...the time that I want to go to bed!:( lol

Posted: 16-04-2005 04:53
by elvisyo
Damn I'm only the 4th...

Posted: 16-04-2005 10:19
by junimond_
nice one - i liked it. ok - took me longer than 1 min :) but nevermind

Posted: 16-04-2005 13:44
by angelsk
oooh! got it :)

Posted: 16-04-2005 14:27
by junimond_
congrats :)

Posted: 16-04-2005 16:08
by Veloxiraptor
That was....awkward. o_0

Posted: 17-04-2005 19:29
by aic2276
Got it. After correcting a simple mistake that took a day to figure out. :lol:

Posted: 17-04-2005 19:58
by Springer
:lol: Well done, aic2276. :p
I know the feeling well, I often do the same thing. :D

Posted: 18-04-2005 08:58
by subgenius
Not too bad this one, I like :D. A good one for a monday morning...

Posted: 11-05-2005 17:43
by jooly
Hmm, clueless. But what's new?

Truly awful carpet, in any case.

Posted: 11-05-2005 18:16
by jooly
Man I've been staring at this and randomly googling and don't even have a ghost of an idea. Nighthawk, get down here!

Posted: 17-05-2005 17:17
by Wayfarer
Good spot poaenjoy ;)

Posted: 20-05-2005 19:38
by ulf_h
:p :D :D :D