Level MINUS 43

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Post by supamom »

That was so cool, if not a little bit frustrating. Easy when you actually look a little bit further than the end of your nose for the solution, lol!
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Post by jayitsupanjin »

It was a fresh idea :p
Not bad :D
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Post by theak »

/me sneezes.
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Post by Kamerolifant »

I guess that was a level?

I'm used to many hours of frustration to get ahead... Maybe the frustration will come afterwards... =)

Anyway, on to -44...
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Post by Springer »

unrealtiger wrote: Its as we say, how about a quicky one?
Cool idea!!!

:lol: :lol: Quickies are sometime nice!!!
Levels I mean! ;)
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Post by iamjustme »

Nice!! :)
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Post by theCrusifix »

stumping you people is like using a bycicle chain to lock a car to a stick stuck in the ground!
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Post by jooly »

Well, the method of solving it is habit by now!
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Post by frkyjenn »

I was able to solve it without asking for help..

It's the first level in the last 15 that I haven't required a small nudge to solve it.
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Post by unrealtiger »

Springer wrote: :lol: :lol: Quickies are sometime nice!!!
Levels I mean! ;)

Yes thats what i meant too!!!:rolleyes:
I prefer the quickies because i am always out of time if you know what i mean ;)
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Post by veryhardgame »

EDIT - finally got it
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Post by aic2276 »

Nice level. Took me a little bit though. Forgot about something.
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Post by BiGGBLiZZ »

wooo hoooo another level....

oh it's over already?

Ho-Hum, either I am getting better at this, or something is wrong...

could be my socks....
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Post by elvisyo »

Nice work there Crusi!
I don't know about those people, they always make me feel stupid... took me like 3 hours to get it, and it would've been longer unless for the mental support I got along the way ("you can do it elvis, don't give up!!"). I don't know, maybe it's because I'm using another computer now (not mine) or is it because I really lost it.
Well, once again, way to go Crusi!
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Post by jooly »

And way to go ElvisYo ;)
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