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Posted: 22-10-2005 04:59
by UnfUnf
scheisse.. no clue at all :eek:
feel free to pm me a hint or two... pls

Posted: 31-05-2006 14:39
by Shenmue
Solved. Terrific level. :p

Posted: 06-06-2006 17:38
by Strubbeli
nice level :)

Posted: 20-04-2007 13:25
by Börger
That was really easy. :cool:

I think i'll do the next levels lying on the couch.

Posted: 01-06-2007 16:06
by magician
I liked this one : )

Especially the second step ; )

Posted: 22-01-2008 14:36
by .:alamar:.
i first tried it by using wikipedia, but that was kinda wrong, so i used something i got here, which contained the right informations.

nice level ,)

Posted: 22-05-2008 20:51
by SnowMen
Nice level, much easier then Epsilon :p

Posted: 12-07-2008 16:04
by Faxter
would you please tell me why this is easy???
I have no idea (once again)
what the heck is that google bar for?
It seems that my google skills are still very low :D:D

Posted: 12-07-2008 16:30
by frkyjenn
some levels are easier for some people.

what I found easy you might find hard and vice versa.. :)

Posted: 12-07-2008 16:33
by Faxter
ôo I found smth and I know the reson, I think, but I have no idea for step 2 :ban:

Posted: 14-07-2008 15:37
by Bgirl
i..dont get it ><

Posted: 14-07-2008 16:38
by frkyjenn
you got from level 21 to this level in less than a week?

Posted: 14-07-2008 19:32
by Faxter
Okay, I don't know the reason of my first step. And I don't know if it's really part of the first or the second step :rolleyes:
omg you make me crazy with your posts:
"this is soooo easy" ahh
These 'things' are simply basic!
I don't see any relation to the .php with 'one of these things' in front of it!

I'm sorry if I posted spoilers.

Posted: 14-07-2008 19:37
by frkyjenn
you can pm me..

Posted: 16-07-2008 12:19
by Faxter
In the end, my very first thought was right...
But I stoped thinking about it, because I don't wanted to "waste" my time with fuckin' around xp
But it was right all the time. *slap self*