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Posted: 15-03-2008 01:36
by Keeks
Phew, finally at eta after being stuck on delta for about a year.

Is the image not working for anyone else at the moment? When I checked earlier today it was fine, but now the url for it gives me a 404 :eek:

Posted: 15-03-2008 01:39
by frkyjenn
Send me the URL you have and I'll see if it's the correct one.

Posted: 15-03-2008 01:47
by Keeks
Nevermind, I'm silly and mixed up eta and theta.

It's the theta image that won't work. I'll PM you then sneak into the correct thread... no one will notice...

Posted: 02-04-2008 11:08
by Kezzle
I've been out of the action for way too long.

I was stuck on this level over a year ago. I thought I'd have another go at it now but I still can't solve it! The general opinion in this thread seems to be that Eta is an easy level but I just can't get my brain to think the right way.

I thought I had tried every possible combination from the source code. I have tried to find something hidden in the level pic. I have squinted, stood on my head and even tried yelling at the image but I just can't find anything worthwhile - not even an egg!

Could someone please please please prod me in the correct direction?? Otherwise I will be stuck on Eta for the rest of my life.

**Edit. Got it! Many thanks to Anki on IRC for helping me. I wasn't being imaginative enough to solve it. Now I've finally solved it I'm kicking myself I didn't think of it earlier! **

Posted: 04-04-2008 10:58
by Ryoga
I'm here as well! in an attempt to catch up to twilight after he raced beyond me while I was asleep =)

Posted: 25-05-2008 22:30
by SnowMen
Very very very nice idea :p

Posted: 16-07-2008 15:49
by Faxter
I have absolutely no idea about this :eek:

Posted: 14-08-2008 10:53
by Faxter
Ahh! I'm stuck at this one for a month now!
I hate this level :( This is the way of thinking I'm hating so much, I think.

Edit// I got it! I got it!! yaahh! *happy*
eventually it was the method I already thought of, but I used wrong words^^
In the end, I still do not like it :P

Posted: 29-09-2008 20:57
by Caym
this one is no good for my brain...
The previous 2 were just perfect but this one... nothing for now... And everybody seems to find it easy...
back to the brainstorming...:D

Posted: 05-10-2008 11:25
by Caym
I don't get it... completely lost... about a week and nothing. A lot of ideas, but all bad...:eek:

Posted: 15-10-2008 09:44
by Tuen
Kinda hard for me to get these kind of mental jumps (from what you see to how you get an answer) but after that it wasn't too bad. Very clever. Getting the right words is a bit tough though.

Onward and upward!


Posted: 13-01-2009 23:08
by sdc
The grasshopper hops once by moonlight. And twice during the day.

Posted: 17-06-2009 18:43
by kpatterson
:( still trying to get that mental jump. I'm wondering if a previous level would be helpful, perhaps a lower negative. I dunno, very confused on this..

edit: pretty sure that's not right... grrrr

edit2: my brain continues to hone in on the answer, i continually feel like i'm getting closer but just a small concept away... cmon baby, you can do this


Posted: 18-12-2009 21:05
by SpaceDetective
I could slap myself for trying different things completely out of the box and leading to nothing. Oh, nooo... Another "machine level" is coming. ;)

Re: Level Êta

Posted: 03-04-2012 12:46
by Karnissa
Can I PM someone about a URL that I found some days ago?