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Posted: 27-07-2005 23:16
by Kisa
want to pm me?

Posted: 27-07-2005 23:18
by frkyjenn
I pmed Wayfarer. I'll see if he's still around. I may PM you if he doesn't answer.

Thank you :)

Posted: 27-07-2005 23:20
by Kisa

Posted: 27-07-2005 23:22
by frkyjenn

Wayfarer PMed me. But I'm still not seeing anything

I'll work on what he gave me to work with.

Posted: 27-07-2005 23:31
by veryhardgame
Got it, thanks Wayfarer!!!!!!!!

Posted: 27-07-2005 23:51
by frkyjenn
Ah.. ok,

I have to say so far this level seems a tad "unfair". David needs to do something about giving a clue or two ;)

Posted: 28-07-2005 00:02
by DavidM
you just go on holidays and dont have anyone spoil it for you,k?

Posted: 28-07-2005 00:07
by frkyjenn
Nope, no spoiling. I'm working on it.

I think though, that I will leave it until I get back. I have a ton of things to do before I go..

plus having this to come home to will be nice.


Posted: 28-07-2005 10:58
by jooly
*sigh* Why on earth did I go out drinking last night when I could have been notpronning? Typical

Posted: 28-07-2005 11:01
by Kisa
I know this feeling :)
For a couple of weeks, DavidM added a new level nearly every evening, right the moment I was going to go on my way home (I need 90 minutes for that way!)

Posted: 28-07-2005 11:35
by jooly
Good, I'm completely baffled. Won't pass this for a while.

Posted: 28-07-2005 12:00
by aic2276
Kisa wrote: @aic2276: Your inbox is still full ...
Sorry about that, It's not anymore.

Posted: 28-07-2005 12:02
by Kisa

Posted: 28-07-2005 12:13
by Kamerolifant
Totally clueless... =(

Posted: 28-07-2005 12:42
by jooly
Well, I guess if I need IRC that'll increase my productivity at work today, since I can only get it at home :D