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Posted: 28-07-2005 12:45
by Kisa

Posted: 28-07-2005 15:25
by TheGemini
pff, so close... yet so far away....

got a path but I feel lost...

Posted: 29-07-2005 17:00
by aic2276
I had the answer for a while but spelling counts here. Oh well.

Posted: 03-08-2005 11:06
by jooly
So sad. In my attempt to prolong my stay, I discarded all my basic training and didn't try the obvious. Sad to be here :(

But thanks DavidM, and everyone who contributed to this great riddle. You've taught me a lot and I've met some lovely people here. :)

Here's waiting for your next project :p

Posted: 06-08-2005 13:55
by mattf
I have a few ideas for this riddle, but ive been on it for a few days and no real breakthroughs... are there any clues apart from the title?

Posted: 06-08-2005 13:58
by Kisa
I didn't even know there's a clue in the title ...

Posted: 06-08-2005 14:00
by mattf
Wow... then i'm really nowhere ;)

i guess ill stare at the picture for a few more hours

Posted: 06-08-2005 14:01
by Kisa
Have fun, at least it looks nice :)

Done, but...

Posted: 17-08-2005 19:36
by ulf_h
...that wasn't easy!

Posted: 17-08-2005 19:36
by Nicky
\o/ of course it wasnt :)

Posted: 29-08-2005 00:43
by mattf
This is very discouraging... ive been on this one since it came out and still no clues...

Posted: 01-09-2005 16:54
by supamom

Posted: 01-09-2005 18:27
by Nicky
Great TV show :lol:

Posted: 01-09-2005 19:19
by supamom

Posted: 01-09-2005 19:19
by Nicky