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Posted: 21-05-2006 10:19
by Klaxa
You are so very prompt, as always :)

Posted: 21-05-2006 11:21
by jooly
Well...lambda is solved, and now I know how to solve mu there seems very little point in actually doing it. Not the best level idea, in my opinion. But hey.

Posted: 21-05-2006 11:22
by Kisa
But if you don't do it now, you might have to do it when DavidM gets another level idea for Nu - in about a year or so :D

Posted: 21-05-2006 21:50
by Springer
It was great notpronning again for a while. :D \o/

Thanks David. :D

And thanks to my teamate too. :D :D


Posted: 22-05-2006 17:09
by ulf_h
\o/ \o/ \o/

Now I'm just waiting for my certificate! :D

(and the nu level, of course.... :p

Posted: 15-06-2006 12:17
by Strubbeli
hm...i'm not sure if i'm on the right way...may i pm someone just to see if yes or no?

Posted: 15-06-2006 12:18
by Kisa
sure, but don't expect anything ;)

Posted: 15-06-2006 14:35
by Strubbeli
at least i got about 50 % until now :)

Posted: 29-06-2006 20:03
by Nicky

Posted: 29-06-2006 20:03
by Kisa
I fully agree :D

Posted: 29-06-2006 20:07
by Nicky
Good picture :)
Thats all I have to say right now :(

Posted: 03-07-2006 18:55
by Nicky
Just remembered to say:


Posted: 03-07-2006 18:58
by Kisa

Posted: 04-07-2006 14:14
by Ace cCc
i dont like this one..

lambda ftw!

Posted: 06-07-2006 13:03
by Shenmue
I don't like it that much either ... but it was ok. I would have prefered it much more, though, if it hadn't been the last level. I mean, the last level is supposed to be filled with absolutely no clues at all, no pictures, and nothing that would possible be able to help you solve it. :D That is the perfect last level. And the answer should be: thisoneisimposssiblesoijusttrysomethingtotallyillogical.php

And to make it even harder you will have to spell impossible with three S. This level is way too easy. :D