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Here I am!

Posted: 16-12-2008 14:59
by Caym
beware of me little level... beware :lol:

well I know what to do the next month(s)...

Posted: 11-01-2009 04:55
by Mehtbh
Bring it.

Posted: 08-07-2009 07:05
by kpatterson
All righty, let's do this. Now to figure out what to do... :P

Posted: 11-07-2009 20:44
by Kawkowa
So this is Mu... right.

Knowing what to do is simple, but finding everything that you need.. seens complicated.

Posted: 11-07-2009 22:16
by Cowley
It isn't really complicated, but a lot of work. Go for it. :)

Posted: 11-07-2009 23:26
by Kawkowa
Yeah, really, it does need a lot of work. :D

Posted: 12-07-2009 00:57
by kpatterson
agonizing amount of work lol

*Is there a head smashing icon?*

God damnit... the last couple parts are quite difficult, getting pretty frustrated here...

Posted: 13-07-2009 14:53
by gamemastertips
Well, here I am...
I got <removed>...but I'm honestly getting tired of <removed>.

EDIT: Oh sorry for the spoilers...please forgive me. :rolleyes:

Posted: 14-07-2009 00:43
by Kawkowa
Okay, this is taking more than I tought!

But it doesn't matter, I'm close to the end anyway. :D

EDIT: gamemastertips, your PM box is full. >_<

Posted: 22-07-2009 12:18
by gamemastertips
My my my...I certainly underestimated this level.
Such a simple idea, yet, so complex in execution. :confused:

And, Kawkow, YOUR Inbox is full. XD

Posted: 28-07-2009 23:44
by Nicky
:eek: It's changed so much since last time :( I remember getting half of them straight away. Now I only have 2 :( ARGH!

I also remember that it's unguessable :eek:

Posted: 29-07-2009 01:11
by Kawkowa
Yeah, totally unguessable.

I have 6 but it sounds like an alien word.

Posted: 29-07-2009 08:19
by Nicky
I think I guessed it from 8 because I couldn't find the 9th. I think I have 5 now but am not sure lol it's starting to look familiar though lol

Posted: 29-07-2009 10:28
by Nicky
I remember walking around for days muttering the solution to myself :( I remembered the first 2 before I found them so I'm sort of hoping that I'll be able to remember the solution because I literally cannot find any more than the 4 (maybe 6) that I have now.


Re: Level Mu

Posted: 31-07-2009 13:58
by gamemastertips
Wow...that's got to be the dumbest answer I've ever heard. :shock:
Well, at least I got it \o/ Another level done!!! WOO!!!