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Posted: 17-06-2009 14:45
by DavidM
The numbers don't mean a thing, they are pointless. And not thinking about it is just what it needs.

And why does exactly THIS "technique" work so well over and over for so many people?
It's not like these things you and the others named are in every picture. The chances are way below 1% to just "guess" it.

I have no idea how it works, I just keep seeing every day that it does work in some way that we do not understand.
Us igorants thinking that these supersmart scientists can explain the world, while they have no idea.

Posted: 17-06-2009 14:50
by AgentBreschnew
it's not guessing - its simple psychology an logic ;)
no magic, no telepathy - there are methods which someone can use properly, or which someone else use by instinct.
it's really nothing "special" and works pretty simple.
so nothing "extraterrestial"

Posted: 17-06-2009 14:55
by DavidM
Why does it work with stuff like this?

Just random letters from a random internet site, and I can actually remote view them?

Posted: 17-06-2009 15:02
by AgentBreschnew
ah well - there exist also some "tricks" with numbers, photos, pictures, paths etc.
i can't explain properly - that seminar is just too long ago and i found it pretty boring^^, like the NLP stuff. but you can compare it somehow to NLP.

anyway - if your interested try some menagement-tutorials or assessment centers at colleges.

i do not study law and business anymore^^

Posted: 17-06-2009 15:03
by DavidM
And how do you work your way around the fact that it also works without any number or so?

I know the NLP stuff, but that's a different thing. It sure overlaps here and there.

Posted: 17-06-2009 15:17
by AgentBreschnew
brain functions ;)

i can't explain it properly, cause i don't work with it anymore.
but as i saíd: try some menagement calsses, they are jizzing with stuff like that around.

Posted: 17-06-2009 15:58
by Ak-01
No no no nothing like visions. What i did was. I came to job. Took a cup of tea then opened Mu. Then finished bruteforecing it and saw Nu. Then i rad what was there. then i decided that David finally lost his mind after making notpron. Then i decided to give it a try and named first thing that popped in my mind. Then i made a picture. Then i decided its just a stupid crap and gone home. Next day i mailed pictures to David.

Heres the story. No visions no living pictures no cartoons.

Posted: 18-06-2009 12:49
by Ak-01
But yet imagine how i was surprised when i saw IDENTICAL object on the photograph with what i pinted on a paper. It could not by any chance be a coincidence. And you can`t deny statistics that most of all who tryed it (atleast told themselve ill give it a shot) - made it. Some of them - first try.

Moral is always there - Do not let the fear of striking away keep you from playing the game, for god fucking sake. Nobody will die if you try and mail david a wrong answer.

Posted: 18-06-2009 13:24
by AgentBreschnew
well - you may of course waste your time and think about that problem..

i've better things to do, than cycling around this theme over and over.
i do not find that very important - as i said, they use these methods on tutorials.. and i'm not sure, but perhaps scientology to

Posted: 18-06-2009 13:33
by Ak-01
Nah - fuck scientology.

I yet have some time i would like to hang around discussing that or anything else. Cuz it was one rare thing that still wonders me =)

Not arguing or anything just bored on my work place. My work isnt something hard - just very intelligent so i got like 4-6 hours of free time on my workplace every day. Soon my passion will switch to something else =)

Posted: 19-06-2009 04:51
by Mil79
Congrats Ak! Still amazes me how people solve in 1 go. I struggled for a long time before getting it. After getting it and looking back I guess I was getting things that were close but nothing that was "it".

Its still interesting though.

Posted: 20-06-2009 22:40
by kpatterson
wait... who was number 11? Agent Breschnew?

Posted: 21-06-2009 09:22
by AgentBreschnew
think so.. dunno x)
btw. is there's a kind of numeration on the moral-page?

Posted: 06-07-2009 22:30
by Cowley
Now I know who is number 12.
Now I know who is really happy.

Many thanks to all of you being with me.
DavidM - thank you for this amazing riddle.

Maybe the journey will be continued. ;)

Posted: 07-07-2009 00:48
by kpatterson
Great job Cowley!!! I can't wait to get there as well!