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Posted: 03-01-2009 13:42
by DavidM
Congrats, solved on first try!


Posted: 03-01-2009 17:59
by Caym

haha! a little trust in your capabilities et voilĂ !

very cool level, which deserve its place in notpron.

I'm not a "believer", more of a cartesian. But I tried to get into this level and... it worked. I'm still not a "believer", but trust me, everybody should at least try. I didn't do "magic" to solve it.
I must admit that it was interesting and I don't regret the try!

Posted: 03-01-2009 18:25
by frkyjenn

Congrats Caym!

Posted: 03-01-2009 19:53
by Tuen
Hehe, I'm not surprised in the methods, or the idea behind it all, I'm surprised that I could get so close in one go!

Amazing puzzle David. Really an eye opener.


Posted: 03-01-2009 20:17
by frkyjenn

congrats Tuen!

Posted: 07-01-2009 18:11
by Mehtbh

I feel strangely reassured.

Posted: 07-01-2009 18:57
by Tuen
Good. I want to see more people go for this. The count is currently at 5. And I'm positive that this achievable by anyone who goes for it seriously.


Posted: 09-01-2009 03:50
by Kawkowa
This level seens interesting...

Quite a dramatic way to end the riddle, huh?

Posted: 16-01-2009 20:36
by Ryoga
Solved it :D

Posted: 19-01-2009 05:55
by Tuen
Congrats Ryoga!

Thats the 6th solver now... the mainpage should be updated to reflect this :-p.

Posted: 19-01-2009 05:57
by DavidM
Give it some time, the maker is as lazy as you can imagine.

Posted: 19-01-2009 05:59
by Tuen
Hehe, laziness is amazing. Its what I do on the weekends to offset assignments that take 40 hours during the week >.>

Posted: 19-01-2009 06:02
by frkyjenn
Ryoga wrote: Solved it :D


Posted: 26-01-2009 00:33
by Sam_Atoms
Well, here I am.... Good thing I kept a relatively good record of my old URL's, or.... yeah....

Anyway, I thought I'd be thoroughly clueless and bewildered when I got here, and that it would look like something you'd expect to see in the X-Files.... but I've already got a couple of ideas.... we'll see how well they work, but this seems like one of those levels that's bigger on bark than on bite.... WOOF!

Posted: 07-02-2009 08:25
by Mil79
Ok I made it here. Now am I suppose to just stare at this continuously like I'm getting hypnotized before I will "see" something or just glance and then just meditate to oblivion? Most of the remote viewing training stuff I've found deal with things you never see in the first place and have to figure out where as this is something where I have to see it before I can remote view it (I'm guessing).

If anyone has any actually good related remote view technique websites they can link that would be great :)