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Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 20-09-2009 14:44
by gamemastertips

I though about fruit.
but I didn't say it to you, because I though, it can't be fruit.

and it is!
GAH! Same here!! XD

Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 22-09-2009 09:34
by Sjaak
WOW!!!! Casper Putz has completed Nu too!!!!!
He must be really good at remote viewing then!!
He had it in like 1/2 days!!!!!!!
I can't imagine how it would feel if you beat notpron!!
You should be so happy that your Number 16 which is the magic number !!
:D :D :J 0_0 :B :'( :P ._. ._. :D :'( :B :D :/ ._.

Mr Sjaak mat!

Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 22-09-2009 12:51
by gamemastertips
Wow...alot of people beating the level, suddenly...
Isn't it kinda weird that two people named "casper" both beat it at the same time...? O.o

Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 22-09-2009 14:55
by casssie
:D I'm Casper Putz and I saw it yesterday,
I thought huh??? :D

but I think it's really accidental.

Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 22-09-2009 15:25
by Sjaak
2 Caspers!!!!
BUT one with the K and one with the C, i like the name Kasper more then Casper though!

Posted: 22-09-2009 17:29
damn. how is it even possible with all these new nu solvers? :O
3 in 2 days now? weird!

gz either way!

Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 22-09-2009 17:49
by Sjaak
3 in 2 days?!
Who is the third?
Is it you CTRL?! :/

Posted: 22-09-2009 18:37
no its not me.

the 2 kaspers and carolyn or whatever the name was.

i solved it like 2 weeks ago. i think it was! ;)

Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 22-09-2009 18:41
by frkyjenn
the last three shown on the first post of the thread are


Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 22-09-2009 18:43
by frkyjenn
A total of 17 solvers so far

congrats :)

Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 22-09-2009 20:15
by Sjaak
Wow that's nice!
Congrats all, i wish i would complete my Notpron story with remote viewing, you guys are all
trully great remote viewing wonders!

Mr. Sjaak mat

Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 22-09-2009 20:53
by carly
woop woop! I would be the Carolyn :D I haven't posted here too much but everyone seems a friendly bunch, best of luck to you all :) and special thanks to the couple of people who gave me nudges, you know who you are <3

Now to go and look for something else to do with my time! :/


Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 05-10-2009 05:09
by Semolina
(This is Jooly, who used to be a mod here and one of the first solvers of the fair levels, and whose account has been mysteriously deactivated since she started discussing DavidM's increasingly wacky ideas a while ago)

I spoke with one of the level Nu solvers, who explained to me exactly how it was solved. Remote viewing had nothing to do with it. Duping a very very gullible (desperately wanting to believe?) DavidM was all it took, and it was very easy too. I won't bother, having solved the real notpron levels. But for those of you who must have the new certificate, don't worry. It doesn't take any magic powers or much effort to do so.

Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 05-10-2009 15:02
by DavidM
As I told you back then, I didn't touch your account. <3
You are free to discuss the madman's increasingly wacky ideas.

Also feel free to tell us how this nu-solver solved it.

Re: Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 05-10-2009 19:35
by Sjaak
Yeah Jooly, you better tell how his/her method works!
and!! you better tell his/her name, so we can hit him/her!
tam tam tam tam...

Mr. Sjaakmat.