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Posted: 18-02-2009 02:35
by DavidM
The craziest thing, he just told me, is that he has been listening to one song all the time since he was solving nu. The name of the song is the solution.

"The lord works in mysterious ways".
He's been told the solution all day long.

Posted: 18-02-2009 02:49
by frkyjenn
That's crazy.

Posted: 18-02-2009 08:59
by Ryoga
Another congrats from me, Mehtbh =)

Posted: 19-02-2009 01:57
by azure
from me too, wow thats awesome!

Posted: 22-02-2009 16:29
by SnowMen

Posted: 22-02-2009 17:59
by Cowley
SnowMen wrote: shit

Please explain it with a few more words. :)

Posted: 23-02-2009 12:21
by SnowMen
shit happens

Posted: 27-02-2009 20:32
by Caym
Well... congrats!!!

Posted: 05-03-2009 21:54
by wolvesofwar
Wow, a lot of solvers the last two months!
This really keeps me motivated. I'm so damn curious, numbers, shapes, , dreaming(I once dreamed the answer to 39 and some other level)
I'm going to GET there, and try. Keep the server online, or i'll come and get you!

Posted: 06-03-2009 03:45
by DavidM
The funny thing is, everybody can already solve the last level in advance, there is nothing stopping anyone.
Whoever wants to, presolve it. :P

Posted: 06-03-2009 08:18
by azure
don't they need the numbers though?

Posted: 06-03-2009 08:44
by DavidM

Posted: 06-03-2009 10:46
by Sina.Giant
I feel like I don't have permission to post here, (60 lvl's left to go, not close!) but since its "The One", major One that keeps me going and trying so hard to get here...I'm already making the basic requirements for it...

Posted: 06-03-2009 19:05
by frkyjenn
azure wrote: don't they need the numbers though?

It's my understanding that the numbers are just something to focus on. They don't directly have anything to do with what you need to see.

Posted: 06-03-2009 19:21
by Shenmue
The fun part of notpron isn't "solving" it. I see no point in doing Nu before you've arrived at it and in the process miss many good and interesting levels.