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Posted: 06-03-2009 19:25
by frkyjenn
I agree Shenmue.

Posted: 07-03-2009 17:36
by wolvesofwar
David, I've already had two dreams revealing the fact that there is a level Xi hidden somewhere. And that you didn't tell any one.

I just know it! It totally fits into notpron.
"I'll just say that Nu is the end, and let them think it is."

Is there?

Posted: 07-03-2009 17:40
by frkyjenn
Xi comes before Omicron.

Posted: 07-03-2009 19:36
by Cowley
Maybe far in the future we'll see a picture
and some code called level Omega. ;)

Posted: 08-03-2009 00:45
by Shenmue
By the way, since there's a list on the cerificate for skills you recieve by solving the levels and if you can solve everything by just remote viewing the only skill that for certain should be added on the certificate is just "remote viewing".

Posted: 08-03-2009 08:56
by Mil79
Sina.Giant wrote: I feel like I don't have permission to post here, (60 lvl's left to go, not close!) but since its "The One", major One that keeps me going and trying so hard to get here...I'm already making the basic requirements for it...

Hehe I had this exact same mindset. And now that I'm here, I think that all my excitement went down the drain as I hit a brick wall with no holes.

Sure I was excited I actually made it to this level, but now its like all that work and probably still won't get a certificate. I'm sure David is tired of me emailing him now, but I've made it too far to quit now.

I still think somehow I'm falling for a trap in this level even though people have beat it with this technique somehow. I have noticed a trend that all the people who have beat it beat it within 2 weeks. I really hope that isn't a sign...

Posted: 13-03-2009 20:56
by Mil79
Where has David gone? He hasn't responded to me in a while now :confused:

Posted: 13-03-2009 21:04
by frkyjenn
I haven't talked to him in a while.

He's probably busy. He'll get back to you.

Posted: 14-03-2009 00:52
by Mil79
I hope soon... Its been almost 2 weeks and having this in your head without being able to do anything is no good :mad:

Posted: 14-03-2009 00:55
by frkyjenn
2 weeks? are you sure his responses didn't go into your junk file or maybe it's being deleted as spam?

David posted in this thread 8 days ago. That means he's been online since you emailed him 2 weeks ago.

Posted: 14-03-2009 08:14
by DavidM
Your last email is from 26.02.2009 and it's marked as "replied".

Btw, the 2 week thing is wrong. Some got to the level and immediately sent me the right answer.

I'm really really sorry, that you are having such a hard time, because you are really trying hard!

Posted: 14-03-2009 09:32
by Mil79
Wow, I sent mail on 3/3, 3/6, and 3/9 with no replies. Hmm somehow mail is getting dropped... I was thinking that maybe I was so wrong that you just started ignoring them.

Want me to try sending them all through another email account?

Posted: 14-03-2009 09:41
by DavidM
I got 2 from 6. and 9. in my junk.

Posted: 14-03-2009 09:47
by Mil79
I am marked as spam now lol :(

You didn't get the one from 3/3?

Posted: 16-03-2009 03:33
by snackbar
Hey, I come back to get the addy to give the link out and I find there's a new level? And now my status is replaced?! Why I outa...
When was this level added? Sorry, I havent been here in almost 2 years I'm thinking.