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Posted: 16-03-2009 05:13
by frkyjenn
It was added the end of August 2008

Posted: 16-03-2009 06:14
by snackbar
well maybe i'll dream about it now because the grid is stuck in my head.

Posted: 24-03-2009 19:33
by Mil79
Well... I did it! Hardwork, practice, and dedication does pay off!

Posted: 24-03-2009 23:20
by azure
nice job! i still haven't had the time to practice...

Posted: 23-04-2009 11:04
by Tuen
Oh hey! There are a lot more solves since I last visited. Sorry I missed your message, Mil79. It looks like you found your own way though! Congrats!

I'll check here every so often, so if anyone is interested in chatting about it, I'm game. Though my experience was very short... in my opinion absolute silence, darkness and stillness are all required. The less outside information your body receives, the better.

I'm sad that I missed the dream discussion too. Though aside a few minor déjà vu experiences from them, the only one that seems way out of the ordinary was the lucid dream that lead to a library. I found a map, and now I have a place to get to before I die :-p.

Anyways, i'm really happy that Nu has continued to get attention. I think it's something more people should think about.

Best of luck everyone!


Posted: 25-05-2009 14:18
by xerapol
Argh, nu level and I missed it? Hell, do I have to enter the competition again?

Posted: 26-05-2009 03:53
by frkyjenn
xerapol wrote: Argh, nu level and I missed it? Hell, do I have to enter the competition again?

If you saved your progress and still have the URLs then you can just start from the last level you completed.

If you don't have the URL to the last level you completed then PM Me. I'll see what I can do. :)

Posted: 03-06-2009 11:20
by xerapol
Ooops, here I am again!

I changed the email of my forum account and the system was not able to re-activate my account automatically. I had to contact the support...

So, let's get on with this mysterious nu level!

Posted: 07-06-2009 21:49
by SnowMen777
1155 is useful ?

Posted: 07-06-2009 22:16
by frkyjenn

Posted: 08-06-2009 22:26
by xerapol
I mailed my first remote viewed result last week to David. No success...

Obviously my vision was too destructive ;)

Will try again now with more positive thinking - LOL

Posted: 10-06-2009 13:07
by Ak-01
Mailed my visions. I swear it was first thing i saw in my head. But no doubts i was wrong =)

Posted: 10-06-2009 13:55
by DavidM
Ak has got it!

Posted: 10-06-2009 17:22
by Ak-01
To encourage those who stuck on this lvl i want to say:

Yes it is possible. Do not give it up.

To david: Add PostNu levels =) That will encourage ppl to break through this and go on.

To all non-believers:
I never believed when i saw level. I solved it on my 1st try. I still don`t believe now. But now i don`t believe that i solved it. And about RV - i have only doubts.

Resume: It worth a try!

Posted: 10-06-2009 20:36
by SnowMen
Long time ago I sent message to David but got a stupid answer... >_<