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Level Nu (Real)

Posted: 29-08-2008 00:07
by DavidM
New level, enjoy!
This one will certainly make you see the world in a new way, once you've done it.

Nu solvers
  1. FrkyJenn (Sep 2008)
  2. ? (Oct 2008) (if this is you, please contact Jay2k1 so I can add your name)
  3. Shenmue (Oct 2008)
  4. Tuen (Jan 2009)
  5. Caym (Jan 2009)
  6. Ryoga (Jan 2009)
  7. Karjala (Jan 2009)
  8. Mehtbh (Feb 2009)
  9. Mil79 (Mar 2009)
  10. Ak-01 (Jun 2009)
  11. AgentBreschnew (Jun 2009)
  12. Cowley (Jul 2009)
  13. Gamemastertips (Jul 2009)
  14. Simon Jungbeck (CTRL) (Sep 2009)
  15. Kasper Otten (Sep 2009)
  16. Casper Putz (casssie) (Sep 2009)
  17. Carolyn (carly) (Sep 2009)
  18. Komanda Zolokisevich
  19. Zorkion (Apr 2010)
  20. Marcus (mrrubix101) (Jan 2011)
  21. Lucka (Jan 2011)
  22. Zhongxia (Apr 2011)
  23. Anne (May 2011)
  24. Raphael (raphaelbeck) (May 2011)
  25. Reto (May 2011)
  26. dragonx11x (May 2011)
  27. Grant Faber (Grant) (Sep 2011)
  28. Matt Broatch (mattyboy) (Jul 2012)
  29. ? (if this is you, please contact Jay2k1 so I can add your name)
  30. Marko Meriläinen
  31. DougM (Jan 2015)
  32. kiaranshee (Apr 2015)
  33. Antony H. (amh) (Jun 2015)
  34. peymojo (Jun 2015)
  35. Softy (Apr 2016)
  36. PJKiZe (Jul 2016)
  37. Squeedle (Oct 2016)
  38. Ryan Panaro (azure) (Jan 2017)
  39. hAcky (Feb 2017)
  40. mrmarcus (Mar 2017)
  41. Xyzar (Mar 2017)
  42. alperakin123 (Apr 2017)
  43. Solon (May 2017)
  44. Jake Kitin (Jahrk) (May 2017)
  45. Claudio (Eisviech) (Oct 2017)
  46. Celular (Oct 2017)
  47. GeraltofRivia (Nov 2017)
  48. Matheus_Grandinetti (Jan 2018)
  49. GoomyLover704 (May 2018)
  50. Arthur Villa (May 2018)
  51. Fernando Mauro (May 2018)
  52. adrianjch (July 2018)
  53. IICatzII (July 2018)
  54. Faen (July 2018)
  55. weaver (Aug 2018)
  56. brum (Oct 2018)
  57. Asriel (Oct 2018)
  58. muliro (Nov 2018)
  59. elenoob (Nov 2018)
  60. exemi (Nov 2018)
  61. João Dias (Jan 2019)
  62. turma (Feb 2019)
  63. OmriG (Apr 2019)
  64. Lucas Dalfovo (Apr 2019)
  65. Pedro Pinheiro (May 2019)
  66. Ohad Pinchevsky (Oct 2019)
PS: One big advice from Winner 19 for all players, who are still trying, copied from his mail to me:
You have to "to dismiss anything that [you] immediately formed an association with, because imagining is not viewing."
That's what most other players fail at. They create things in their mind and take it serious, instead of ignoring this.

Posted: 30-08-2008 20:05
by Jareeta
just curious, anyone solved yet?

Posted: 30-08-2008 21:18
by DavidM
I have only 2 "first impression" submissions yet. One was pretty good actually.

Posted: 20-09-2008 00:36
by frkyjenn
I figured the answer wasn't "triangle" but I'm wondering if that isn't my first step..

<spoiler removed...>

If the dream had nothing to do with notpron (this level) then it is something else that I'm not getting. I only remember dreams that are important. Never random ones.

So this dream is something.. just can't figure out what.

Posted: 20-09-2008 00:39
by DavidM
Tz tz, you got mail jenn! ;)

Posted: 20-09-2008 00:40
by frkyjenn
Holy Shit!

Posted: 20-09-2008 00:59
by DavidM
Ok, we got the first solver!
She was dreaming the answer for 1 week straight, as she told me...and then posts it right here, and I had to delete it very quickly! :P

Posted: 20-09-2008 01:01
by frkyjenn
Sorry for posting a spoiler. I should know better


Posted: 20-09-2008 01:22
by DavidM
Note for all future complainers:
Dreaming is actually not how it's supposed to be done, but if it works...fine.
It just shows again in what weird ways the universe actually works and that everything you can imagine is possible.

Posted: 08-10-2008 12:58
by DavidM
We got a 2nd solver.
She did it on first try.
Dunno yet how, but She was very accurate and described the scene very well with just one word.

Posted: 09-10-2008 17:56
by DavidM
Congrats to Shenmue, 3rd person to solve it!

Posted: 09-10-2008 18:24
by frkyjenn
yay! Congrats Shenmue!

Posted: 10-10-2008 21:00
by Shenmue
Thank you, jenn. : )

There are a few aspects that would make this a happier moment though. At the monent, I can't feel anything at all. This level should never have been added as a part of notpron, that's for sure.

Posted: 16-12-2008 16:58
by Ryoga
hmm I'm away for a while and now I'm back and I detected this new level! It looks interesting, how many people solved it until now, 3? This should be my way to get in a top 5 =)

Posted: 03-01-2009 09:54
by Tuen
Alright! I finally reached the level everyone's talking so much about!

My initial thoughts... Well, I think it's plenty possible. Not just because three people have solved it, but because of my life experiences.

Though, to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if I can do something like this on purpose! I haven't done anything close to this since the beginning of High School. Er, that's 7 years ago.

I have strong resolve though! I will give this my best effort, through and through.

I'd prefer the dreaming method. As its more in my nature. But first, its off to research these more well documented methods, to give everything a fair go.

Time to give it a go~