notpron as challenge

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notpron as challange

Post by haidihou » 20-03-2006 16:28

i'm haidihou and i'm a member of KRRU in Austria. I would like to use notpron as a challange at our LAN!!!
Is this possible?? and observable????

visit us at

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Post by DavidM » 20-03-2006 18:10

the moment where you make it an "as fast as possible" thing, you kill it. that's when people start to cheat and stop playing for the fun.

dont even try.

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Post by jooly » 22-03-2006 17:28

Sorry, that spelling was irking me so I changed it.

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Post by Kisa » 22-03-2006 17:31

:lol: I know that feeling, jooly!

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