Notpron Account

To play from -34 to the end you need to either show your loyalty or pay 1€ riddle tax.
In return you get a username and password that will work until the end.
Please read the rest for the explanation!


Payment via bank transfer,Paypal or Candies


If both options don't work for you, you can send me a letter with the money or whatever you can come up with. We'll discuss this via email.

After paying, send me a mail (to be found at, and I'll get you the account.
If you (did) buy the making of book or you donated earlier (1+€), you get the account for free.

But the most appreciated way of paying is sending me pralinés, marzipan, candies or whatever, surprise me. No poison please!
Zenraiser was the first to bring up this idea, so she sent me chocolate in return for the account. My address can be found in the impressum on my own page.
If you have another good idea, please tell me, I'm open for suggestions.

Some recorded videos of themselves talking about notpron, or of them throwing a coin into a river... go creative.

No, it's no joke, it's real.
I'm really sorry, that this has to be done, but I had no other option to protect the end.
I gotta make sure, the end is something only the real players can reach, and nothing you can get to via a walkthrough.
And, well it's just 1€. But it's too much for cheaters to pay, that's why it works well.
If you have a better idea to accomplish the goal of protecting the end, tell me. I'm open for suggestions.

As for me, I'm not really making money with this. I get only a few cents a day from this, so screw that. :P
I understand if you are angry, but I am even more angry, because it would have been much cooler to have it all free, but you wouldn't feel special seeing the end, if every nubcake on the internet could see it by following a simple link.

Or if you can't pay or send anything, go creative and prove your loyalty in some other way. Some send me a bar of chocolate (no bitter ones please), some record themselves in a video while they talk about notpron or toss a 1 euro coin (or equal) into a river or smash it or something. Whatever, it will count and give you an account.

Account Details
- If your account is found somewhere on the internet it will be removed without further notice.
- If more than one person uses your account at the same time, it will be removed as well. You can use it from 2 different places, but not at the same time.
- If several people from different hosts or countries use the account at the same time, it will be removed.
- You can pay for your friends too. They just need to send me a mail, refering to you and your payment.

teamvortex ät gmail dot com