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by highgarden-democrat
17-05-2021 20:38
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Topic: Level 36
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Re: Level 36

Yostarone wrote: 02-10-2009 13:53 i just dont get it! pointless! omg am i a loser or what?
12 years later, ha, I see what you did there
by highgarden-democrat
17-05-2021 01:43
Forum: Levels
Topic: Level 34
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Re: Level 34

just solved it and as a gen Z myself, I have no idea what the thing is, had never heard of it before :o but it's still possible, it's a smart one this one
by highgarden-democrat
23-12-2020 23:04
Forum: Notpron
Topic: what have you given up?
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gave up trying to figure out lvl 21 ._. a few years from now my brain will just open a pop up with the answer while I'm in traffic or cooking
by highgarden-democrat
11-12-2020 17:38
Forum: Levels
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Re: Level 21

more than 2 weeks at this one and not a single insight on how to spot the "fakes/liars". Has it anything to do with the greek alphabet? My latest attempts have had this focus cuz its kinda rich on info but the level doesnt have a google bar... edit: I actually knew the liars by then, pretty simple, ...
by highgarden-democrat
01-12-2020 07:05
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Topic: Level 20
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Re: Level 20

can I pm someone about "dont mid the lead/pb"? just solved the level without it but I'm curious, still don't see how it fits :'(
by highgarden-democrat
29-11-2020 00:38
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frkyjenn wrote: 16-11-2005 07:53 Ever play battleships?
how is this not a spoiler