Changes in Notpron

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Changes in Notpron

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Hello everyone,
im solving notpron for a while. Right now, im at 68 level.*spoiler removed* and i found, that riddles are changed.
In FAQ ( u said:
Also write down all usernames and passwords to all levels. Start as soon as possible, or you'll regret it later.
Yeah. I regret it. I lost my time to note all login credentials, and trying to get to previous levels again. I was wondering what happened. I changed my browser, etc. I lost my time, literally. Cuz i read FAQ.

// if my ip get blacklisted, cuz i was searching answers to first levels, please DM me. I've got few pages of my own notes, that i created from the beginning of my adventure with Notpron. I can show, and explain them to you. :P

Please, if u gonna change riddles again, just post information about it on this forum. Maybe other players, will not have to wondering what the hell happened with their browsers, and they will start solving puzzles that they already solved.

Best regards,

notpron player

Some levels have changed, yes. You may have to solve some again. Keep a record of all your work, including the method of solving a level.